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Getting Your Baby Circumcised? What You Need To Know If you are pregnant and having a baby boy soon you might be wondering about getting your baby circumcised. When I was pregnant with my son the thought never even crossed my mind until my last couple of months! Once I started thinking about it, something I previously thought would be a no brainer for me was becoming a bit more complicated. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to get my baby circumcised. Related: 9 INCREDIBLE Reasons To Choose Amazon Baby Registry I had so many questions like how is the procedure done? Will it be too painful? And to be honest I didn’t even know why babies got circumcised. These were some questions I had for my doctor during my next visit but of course, I forgot half of the questions I wanted to ask. Damn pregnancy brain! Anyway,


Why You Should Say NO As A New Mom


Why You Should Say NO As A New Mom One of the hardest things about having a brand new baby, in my opinion, is not actually taking care of the baby. Because if left to your own nurturing instincts I’m sure you’d find your way as a new mother even without the help of doctors, the so-called “experts”, or mothers who came before. No, the hardest thing about being a new mom, is simply saying NO. No to the rest of the world, who won’t respect your privacy and just the complete lack of energy you might be experiencing at the moment. This is such an important time in your life and the life of your child and as a mom with a brand-new baby, he or she has to be your priority.  Some things that you might want to say no to when you’ve just had a baby: Family


Third Trimester Must-Haves Having a baby is truly an amazing time in your life. You’re excited, nervous, anxious and if you in the last trimester probably just ready for the baby to come out already. Trust me I know! During the ninth month of pregnancy with my second child I started walking every day to try and speed up the process (naturally of course). Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful experience (blah blah blah) we’ve all heard about the joys but honestly, it can be really hard on your body and your mind. If you are anything like me by month 9 you’re having a real conversation with your unborn baby that might sound a little like this: “Hey, mommy loves you but you’re fully developed now and I can’t breathe.” or “For the love of God, please don’t rip me on your way out”…. Ok, that one was a bit

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