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Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home With everything that’s happening in the world right now, most of us are pretty much homebound these days. Those of us with kids are hearing things like “I’m bored!”, “There’s nothing to do!” and the famous whiny “Moooooooom!” more than we’d like to admit. You know what I’m talking about! Lately, I’ve been on a hunt for new indoor activities kids can do at home. There’s not much for them to do outside because park/ playgrounds are off-limits and social distancing preventing them to play with friends. One thing you don’t want is to have your kids sitting like zombies in front of the electronic babysitter for hours, or playing video games till their gray matter starts to have the consistency of Swiss Cheese. Don’t get me wrong Ipads and internet come in handy sometimes but little minds need stimulation. It can

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4 Helpful Tips For Raising Tween Girls Raising kids is like being in school, you’re always learning about the stage your child is in. But it seems like as soon as you master “the program” you start the next level of learning. Or at least that’s how I feel at times. Now that I’ve entered the tween stage with my daughter it’s like I’m taking mental notes every day now. I’m constantly thinking back to when I was 11, how I felt about certain things and how I would’ve preferred my mom to respond. This is a delicate stage when girls around this age find their personality and want to be more independent, but at the same time, they still want approval for their choices. This is what works for me (at the moment). Related: Help Your Daughter Love Her Body 1. Build A Strong Relationship With Your Daughter This


Help Your Daughter Love Her Body


Positive Body Image Loving the skin you’re in isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This is true for both genders but I think as women we struggle a little more with body positivity. It’s so easy for us to compare this or that part to someone else’s as grown women so imagine how hard it is for our daughters to look in the mirror and genuinely love what she sees! We live in a social media-dominated “Instagram model” world now and with all the pressure girls have on them to look “perfect” I personally want to make sure my daughter is confident from childhood all the way into her adult years. The following tips are going to help you raise your daughter to have a positive body image, which is extremely important for all your children. Hey Mama! Life is  easier when you’re organized! Get your FREE “Mom-ing Like

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